Diet has a successful weight loss does not rebound

25 Nov by admin

Diet has a successful weight loss does not rebound

Diet has a successful weight loss does not rebound

After losing weight, if you are not careful, the hard work will be lost.

It’s not like the hard days of returning to the weight loss period, then learn the three tricks recommended by you to prevent the rebound!


hzh {display: none; }  第一招:改变进食  方式  很多为大众所熟知的如少吃多餐和八分饱等进食方式虽然简单但是对防止体重反弹很有效,难就难在坚持。Small changes in daily eating habits, and growing habits can make you lose weight at a current level.


Drink soup or eat fruit before eating, it is best to drink light soup and oil-free soup.

Eating fruit and drinking soup before meals can prevent eating too much.


Pay attention to eating vegetables first, eat and then eat, you can prevent eating too much rice; chewing slowly and vomiting; every meal is best to eat only eight points full of satiety.


Try to have breakfast in three meals a day, change the bad habit of not eating breakfast late at night; eat at lunch; eat less at dinner, and eat vegetarian food; do not eat within two hours before going to bed.


Pay attention to the daily diet, eat less meals, avoid overdose, overeating; drink hot water or warm water, about 2000ml per day.

  The second measure: changing the diet structure on the basis of a balanced diet, paying attention to “two more and two less” is also possible to control “fat”.

Eat more protein and vegetables, eat less starch and sugar.

Lean meat, fish, shrimp, etc. are rich in protein, you can eat more fresh fruits with less sugar.

  The third measure: change the cooking method 1.

Cooking in a way that is more boiled and steamed, less fried, fried, and roasted.

Because the latter cooking method is prone to produce carcinogen benzopyrene, the previous cooking method can retain more food residue and nutrition.


Don’t eat too oily.

This is not good for cardiovascular, and it is not conducive to weight loss.


It is best to be able to cook your own food and eat less.

This is because most people eat too much when they eat at a restaurant, and they can do more to grasp the cooking style of the food.

  On the basis of this “three strokes”, pay attention to monitoring the body weight daily, and correct if there is any change.

Because the changed weight does not return, it is more difficult to recover more than a week.

  It is best to maintain a 30-minute aerobic exercise every day, such as jogging, brisk walking, skipping, etc., but not excessive, which will also ease the rebound after preventing weight loss.

Do the above points, let you lose weight without rebounding, always be a slim beauty!