Naturally compliant

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Naturally compliant

Naturally compliant

“Book of Rites · The Doctrine of the Mean” said: “The fate of life is said to be born.

“It means to obey the destiny to live, to obey the nature to do things.”

In this way, Zhang Zhongxing, a master of Chinese studies, believes that living is better than death, happiness is better than pain, and it is necessary to do whatever it pleases, and let it be natural. “People should be quiet, less greedy, and live.”

He has no health secrets. If you have something to say, you don’t want to be an official. Second, you don’t want to make a fortune. It’s just a matter of thinking.

Zhang Lao’s life was bumpy, he was surrounded by rough tea, and the simple days of his family’s life, he lived 96 years old and became a maverick and a thinker.

  Feng Youlan, a master of Chinese studies, said in 1935, when he gave a lecture to the students on the issue of “cultivation of youth” in Beiping Chengda Normal School: “To forget the success or failure.”

No matter what we do, if we take the success or failure too seriously, we have to bear a lot of pain.

“He has a very low demand for material life in his life. He only studies philosophy. He never cares about gains and losses. He lived 95 years old.

When someone first asked about his longevity secret, he only had three words: “No.thing.urgent.

These three words eloquently show the Chinese people’s optimism, contentment, and tolerance of Antai’s national identity. He has entered the realm of “preserving, shunning, sui, wuning”.

  Look at Professor Ji Xianlin, the vice president of Peking University, who is also 95 years old. He also has no so-called health regimen.

He said: “Everything is natural and natural, and it is natural, not very happy, not too much, and the most important thing is to do more useful things.

“He pursues three non-isms. First, he does not exercise. He only walks after work. Second, he does not picky eaters, and he can meet the taste. Third, he is not guilty. He can see the sick and the old.”

Therefore, he is optimistic and has a view. “There is nothing in it.”

  Throughout the three masters of Chinese studies, they all have a common characteristic, letting them be natural, compliant, moving, not confined to poverty, not worthy of wealth, peace of mind, open-mindedness, and thus learning, success and longevity.

  When the cold comes, the road is always there.

Everything should be in accordance with the law.

Lao Tzu once said that human law, earth law, heaven and earth, and Taoism are natural.

People must obey the laws of nature and live naturally. Do not destroy the laws of nature. Thus, in heaven and earth, people can live in harmony and have nothing to do.

Many of us, do not understand this truth, eager for quick success, sleepless nights, and exhausted care, can not make a lot of trouble.

Li He, the poet of the Tang Dynasty “Ghost Talent”, was bitter and bitter all the time. His mother had worried and asked: “Why do I want to discard my heart?”

“Sure enough, he was exhausted and died young, only 27 years old, shocking wrist.”

There are also many young and middle-aged scholars in China who are prematurely dismissing people and embarrassing.

The cutting-edge, literary and art circles Fu Yan, Gu Yue, Gao Xiumin, Chen Yifei have left, and some people sigh.

  Zen warned people to “follow the line.”

Everything goes with it, you can’t force it.

We must not lose our enthusiasm, but the efforts to violate the nature of nature are self-seeking, not worth the loss, not by wise men.

Only when you are indifferent, compliant, and motivated, can you make a difference, prolong life and happiness.