Falling hair like fallen leaves?

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Falling hair like fallen leaves?

Falling hair like fallen leaves?

Asked how many can you have a lot of 愁 愁 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天 秋天When the hair falls to the fall, it is especially serious, and the hair is easy to become dry and dry. What should I do?

Why is it that the fall is serious in the fall? In fact, autumn is easy to lose hair because of metabolism.

In addition, the climate is dry, the leaves are dry, and people are also a natural physiological phenomenon. The reason is that the autumn and winter are relatively dry, the water is not replenished in time, the sebaceous gland secretion is reduced, causing the hair to dry and replace.

Therefore, it is normal to drop some hair every day when combing your hair every day.

However, if it is a pathological cause, it should be given enough attention.

  Ordinary people have to send hair every day, usually around a few dozen.

The temperature drops in the fall, the capillaries that transport nutrients for the hair follicles shrink, the hair follicles are not fully nourished, and the hair is easily replaced.

Hair loss is generally divided into physiological alopecia and pathological alopecia.

Hair loss is not serious, it is only physiological hair loss, which is a normal metabolism.

However, if you continue to lose hair, and more than 100 per day, or partial hair loss, you need to go to the hospital.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are two reasons for hair loss: blood heat and wind dryness, blood heat is partial, blood loss is yin and blood, blood and tiger are windy, and it hurts yin and blood. Yin blood can’t go up to the top of the dome to raise hair roots, hair roots dry, or vainSecond, the spleen and stomach are damp and hot, and the spleen is weak and transportable. In addition, the gluten is rich in fat and tastes, and the stomach is damaged by the spleen, causing steaming and sputum on the damp heat, eroding the hair roots, the hair roots are gradually corroded, and the hair is sticky and replaced.

In the fall, the hair is prevented from falling off at 6:1. The position of the hair is often changed. If the direction of the hair is kept unchanged, the place where the hair is separated will be particularly dry or thin due to the relationship often exposed by sunlight.

If the separate areas begin to thin, massage the hair after the hair or the head oil to moisturize the already dried scalp.

Sometimes you can change the direction of separation, not only can enjoy the pleasure of changing the hair, but also can avoid the dryness of the separation and reduce hair loss.

2, nutritional foot, smooth stool, healthy hair, eat more iron, calcium, zinc and other minerals and vitamins A, B, C and protein-containing protein foods, such as protein-rich fish, soybeans, eggs, thinMeat and other seaweeds rich in trace elements, shellfish, vitamin B2, B6 spinach, asparagus, banana, pig liver, etc. are good for protecting hair and delaying hair aging. Keeping stools smooth is also conducive to healthy hair growth.

3, to avoid excessive damage to hair, perm and hair dryer, etc. will cause certain damage to the hair; hair dye, perm solution is also unfavorable to the hair, resulting in many shortened and lose luster and elasticity, and even yellowing and drying;The damage caused by ultraviolet radiation causes the hair to dry and turn yellow.

  Hair dyeing, perm interval of at least 3-6 months.

Avoid sun exposure, swimming, and sun protection should pay more attention to protection.

4, choose weak acid shampoo shampoo is preferably weakly acidic, not too alkaline.

In addition, you should choose a product that can strengthen the scalp and hair follicles. It is best to go to the hair salon regularly for deep professional care, or buy some professional products to go home to strengthen the repair.

5, maintaining good emotional stress can also be one of the reasons you have recently lost too much.

The deeper the degree of depression, the faster the rate of hair loss.

Deep breathing, walking, and relaxing gymnastics should be done frequently to eliminate mental fatigue.

In addition, you should ensure a guaranteed sleep, use hot water to soak your feet before going to bed, and help your hair grow healthily.

6, do not have to shampoo every day shampoo once thought to be the best way to nourish hair, in fact, just like eating, eating support may not necessarily absorb and absorb.

Give your hair enough time to rest, let it absorb nutrients and remove dirt.

Therefore, it is better to wash once every 1-2 days.

Do yourself a massage Baihui point: the top of the head is the most serious place for hair loss, you can use the thumb to massage the top of the Baihui point, improve blood circulation and increase the nutritional supply of hair.

(Baihui Point is located at the intersection of the center line of the head and the line connecting the two ear tips).

Si Shencong: Click on the acupuncture points of the thumb and push it in the order of left and right, to increase blood circulation.

(Before the Baihui, after, left and right, open 1 inch each).

Fengfu Point: Rotate the thumb fingertips clockwise 5 times, feeling soreness, not feeling pain.

(The hole is 1 inch above the center of the hairline) Temple: Use the middle finger to lighten the double temple.

After the acupressure is over, you can continue to slam the head. When the scalp appears reddish, the combination of acupressure and head sniping before daily sleep can effectively promote hair growth.

Recommended recipe walnut sesame porridge: take 200 grams of walnuts, sesame seeds, 100 grams of the previous rice.

Walnut kernels and sesame seeds are ground for use.

Previous rice porridge to 7 mature, then add walnuts, 30 grams of sesame, cooked.

Eat 1 to 2 times a day.Shouwu pig brain soup: Polygonum multiflorum 300g, walnut kernel 30g, pig brain 1.

Decoction of Polygonum multiflorum, slag to juice, stewed walnuts and pig brain with juice, seasoned and cooked.

Once a day until a new hair grows.

This recipe is for patients with kidney deficiency.

Black sesame porridge: black sesame 30g, previous rice 100g, medlar 10g.

The above three kinds of raw materials are used together to cook porridge.

Function to make liver and kidney, benefit qi and blood.

Suitable for patients with early hair, hair loss and other reasons.

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