Yang Delong: The market adjusted in one step and the retaliatory rebound was triggered immediately.

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Yang Delong: The market adjusted in one step and the retaliatory rebound was triggered immediately.

Yang Delong: The market adjusted in one step and the retaliatory rebound was triggered immediately.

Come to Sina Finance University, listen to Yang Delong’s “20 macro data that must be understood in stock trading”, understand the actual value of macro data Sina Finance News February 5, due to the existence of a long holiday effect, the impact of the epidemic on the stock market is a one-time negative,It does not have much impact on the long-term development of the economy, so the adjustment of the broader market is one step in place. After the sharp drop on Monday to release the risks, the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets began to rebound strongly after a sharply lower opening, and a recovery rose.

The current managing director and chief economist of the Qianhai Open Source Foundation, Yang Delong, is a guest on Sina Finance Live, and summarizes the topic of when the broad market declines. The market trends in these days have fully verified my views. The first day of the marketThere was a large-scale stock daily limit, and investors’ panic was vented to the fullest. On Tuesday, the opening of the market declined, and it opened significantly lower. Then it entered the bottom of the market. First, the performance stocks rose sharply, and technology stocks rose sharply.

It is expected that the market will fluctuate in the next few trading days, but the period of market panic and decline has ended, and the market index has successfully reached the bottom of this round of adjustment. The market continued to recover on Wednesday, but it takes time to restore market confidence, so expectThere will be some shocks on the market, and it will take some time for the market to really go up.

  Before the opening of the Spring Festival holiday, I will tell you the operating strategies. One is that if you are holding high-quality stocks, do n’t worry, they will rise back soon after adjustment, so the high-quality stocks can be held in place; the otherYes, if the holder is a poor performer, the conversion stock may spread downwards. When the limit is opened, the sell may be a low point. You can wait for it to perform a position adjustment and stock exchange to change the poor performer.Perspective stocks took advantage of the rally to sell, dipping into high-quality stocks to achieve switching.

  When the market ‘s confidence was absent on Monday, I told you that the decline has actually provided you with the opportunity to buy quality stocks. This is also what Buffett has been teaching you to overcome the panic and catch God ‘s gift to you.Because Buffett said, “The stock market disaster is a gift from God to value investors.” This one-off decline is a good gift. The market smashed a golden pit on Monday, and many high-quality stocks were killed by mistake.The time is to buy a good company at a low price.

  Obviously, the foreign capital week took the opportunity to make a bottom, and the foreign capital bought more than 20 billion shares in two days, showing that foreign exchange implements value investment and long-term investment. They are confident in the long-term development of the Chinese economy, so they are willing to invest in the market.Buying in panic is worth learning from domestic investors.

  It is understood that when Monday’s plunge, many institutional investors entered the market at the same time to make a dip, including insurance funds, a large number of dips into the market.

The majority of public funds and private equity funds are either bottom-sellers or unsold soldiers, waiting for the market to complete the adjustment. In fact, the real panic is mainly retail investors.

Many investors’ confidence in the market has not yet fully recovered, and it takes time to digest, but at least on Tuesday the market bottomed out and stabilized and rebounded, which is already a good sign.

  Some investors suspect that they did not dare to make a decisive dip on Monday, and the optimistic stock rebounded sharply on Tuesday.

Why did it bounce up so quickly?

On Monday, I shared with you on Knowledge Planet.

This one-step adjustment is characterized by a sharp fall.

Because the market panic caused the stock to be killed by mistake, smart money will take the opportunity to make a bottom, so the rebound will also be fast.

  The epidemic has had a relatively large impact on many industries, such as catering, tourism, cinemas and consumer goods.

Liquor in particular, because in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, governments of various countries have taken decisive measures to prevent and control it. Wuhan has announced that it will close the city and banquets are banned in many places. Therefore, the consumption of liquor will definitely be greatly reduced.Will increase significantly, will this affect the investment value of liquor?

I don’t think so.

  If you have studied company evaluation and financial statement analysis, you should know a company whose evaluation refers to the company’s long-term profit growth.

A quarter of profit growth or profit decline has little effect on the company’s estimates, and it can be regarded as a one-time gain or a one-time proposal.

In other words, unless the stock of liquor increases in the first quarter, performance will decline.

This does not affect the investment value of the leading liquor stocks. The previous adjustment just provided the opportunity for a dip.

The simple truth is that after the epidemic is under control, everyone should drink or drink, the dinner will be dinner, and all production and life will return to normal.

  I take the liquor industry as an example. In fact, many industries have the same principle.

The short-term and short-term profitability of the epidemic has a relatively large impact on the performance of the first quarter, but it is not a permanent impact.

We need to have confidence in controlling the epidemic.

It is only a matter of time to control the epidemic, which will not affect its value for many white dragon horse stocks.

  The impact of this epidemic on many industries should be said to be dynamic information. For industry leading stocks, the impact is temporary, but during the period when the epidemic occurred, many small and medium-sized enterprises were more difficult to operate, the burden was heavier, and they could not be opened normally.If it does, it will also affect the company’s cash flow income.

Wages and rents must be paid normally. This requires the government to take more measures to support these enterprises through difficult times, because SMEs are the main force to resolve employment.

I believe that as long as we antagonize our enemies and believe in science, the victory of the epidemic 北京体验网 will definitely belong to us, so everyone must have confidence in the future and confidence in the capital market. Again, the epidemic has a short-term impact on the market. In the medium and long term,The bull market and slow bull market in the A-share market are about to continue. The next ten years of the A-share market will still be the golden decade of investment.